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Connecting Beauty And Business.

  A sustainable and successful business now requires much more than there is. What if considering new possibilities and competencies directly related to human kind, such as philosophy and art? What if «Beauty» as transformative agent of change? Mark Rothko (1903–1970) Pursuing beauty is a powerful human purpose  Here are some insights for you to consider beauty in your strategic thinking that I have connected after reading the article «Rothko on Beauty, Friendship, and How the Emotional Exaltation of Art Mirrors Human Relationships» by Maria Popova Beauty is a powerful experience Beauty is one of the most effective mode of communication. «The perception of beauty is an emotional experience that involves a set of sensations that go straight to the heart». Rothko considers the function of beauty not only as a deeply emotional experience but as a bonding agent that creates deep resonance between those beholding it. The more people you touch, the more beautiful it is.The more beauty you create, the deeper you resonate between those beholding it. The more beautifully you resonate, the more possibilities you create. Figuring out …

CEOs are Designers

What is the mindset of a CEO and how can  he/she be the shepard of the future of the organization? Keith Yamashita describes it wonderfully in his interview below and I completly subscribe it: «Managers are defined by the knowledge they know: Leaders are defined by the questions they are willing to ask. Great leadership is about exploring things, exploring areas you don’t know; Great companies depend on being constantly curious about things you don’t know and being willing to challenge status quo. what it is interesting about what we do as a living, what great designer and great ceos have in common,  is that you have to inquired about the status quo,  push things, and this requires that you think: thinkings is the greatest gift we have but as leaders we  use so little in our day to day, because the pace of the world has become so quick, so fast, that it is devalued what thinking is about. […]We are about reconnecting people to the thoughtful work of who are you (as a company) , what is …

Manifiesto Creativo PBD

La creatividad es un bien común que concilia y da sentido a situaciones complejas y, combinada con la comprensión de las personas, la tecnología, la sociedad y los negocios, es la clave para la transformación cultural, social y empresarial. Utilizamos el poder del diseño y sus metodologías para resolver necesidades y aportar valor con nuestras acciones.

Proyecto Macroempatía para ARCH+

¿Sabías que Macroempatía no existe en el diccionario?
Para el concurso internacional Neurath ARCH+ en 2014, publicamos la siguiente definición de Macroempatía: Macro (del griego μακρο, makro, que significa ‘grande’) y empatía (del griego ἐμπαθής, «emocionado») es la capacidad cognitiva de percibir (en un contexto común) lo que otro ser puede sentir. Macroempatía es una rama del diseño que fomenta las actuaciones y prácticas empáticas así como las decisiones colaborativas globales. Macroempatía hace referencia a la necesidad de utilizar metodologías de diseño a los líderes mundiales de tal forma que las decisiones al mas alto nivel siempre consideren a las personas en primer lugar.