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You Know What? I’m Taking On This Challenge

Construction-driven process of Design Thinking focused on achieving your challenge You should fall in love with an idea, make of it a personal challenge and design your way though barriers to achieve it.  Initiate a construction-driven process of thinking focused on achieving your challenge: Recall insights of previous experiences and failures; Observe and analyze contexts and facts; Keep on the move by making micro-decisions to forward your idea in the right direction; Consider others in your decisions and try to create value for people and for you. Do it! Pursuit passion: Fall in love with YOUR challenge.  Passion will compel you to act. People with a passion are driven to pursue and create and feel an overwhelming urge to engage, to experience for themselves and to test their own capabilities and thrownness abilities. Considerations. This is a passion-driven pursuit of a personal challenge so set your mind for magical: Pick a bold challenge that gets to you personally but don’t know yet why or it lights up your heart or you may feel it relates to you emotionally. …

Curso Diseña un plan B para tu vida

La vida da muchas vueltas…realmente.. ¿sabes cuando va a fallar tu plan A… o ya te hace tan infeliz que solo piensas en como abandonarlo? En el curso Diseña un Plan B para tu vida crearás un plan accionable basado en aquello que siempre te gustó utilizando técnicas de diseño y Design Thinking.