Year: 2019

Visual SenseMaking. Claves metodológicas y aplicación práctica

Visual SenseMaking es la práctica de dar sentido a situaciones complejas mediante métodos y herramientas visuales que incluyen imágenes, diagramas, gráficos, charts, dibujos, etc. para convertir una situación compleja, abstracta, no definida, en otra comprensible y comunicable mediante la conceptualización y construcción de esquemas visuales universalmente reconocibles y asimilables.

(Español) Proyecto Data Design

(Español) ¿Cómo afrontamos los proyectos de Data Design? Nosotros no “decoramos” datos. Primero los entendemos, segundo los jerarquizamos, editamos para resaltar las cualidades clave. Tercero creamos visualizaciones impactantes y atractivas, infografías de fácil comprensión o motion graphics. 

Connecting Beauty And Business. New Mindsets For New Challenges

A sustainable and successful business now requires much more than there is. What if considering new possibilities and competencies directly related to human kind, such as philosophy and art?  What if “Beauty” as transformative agent of change? Mark Rothko (1903–1970) Pursuing beauty is a powerful human purpose. Here are some insights for you to consider beauty in your strategic thinking that I have connected after reading the article “Rothko on Beauty, Friendship, and How the Emotional Exaltation of Art Mirrors Human Relationships” by Maria Popova Beauty is a powerful experience Beauty is one of the most effective mode of communication. “The perception of beauty is an emotional experience that involves a set of sensations that go straight to the heart”. Rothko considers the function of beauty not only as a deeply emotional experience but as a bonding agent that creates deep resonance between those beholding it. The more people you touch, the more beautiful it is.The more beauty you create, the deeper you resonate between those beholding it. The more beautifully you resonate, the more possibilities you create. Figuring out the formula …