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Recommended Book: From Business-as-usual to Design-Thinking-Marketing

64 Thoughts About Marketing, Design Thinking & Life

In the book «Design Thinking-in-Action. 64 Thoughts About Marketing, Design Thinking & Life» written by Pilar Saura, you would read the 10 year journey of a Design Thinker working in an university’s marketing department. As Edwin Schlossberg, Pilar Saura believes that «writing creates a context in which other people can think. I hope that my journey of learning inspires you to share your own thoughts about the relevant role of Design Thinking and designers in our always evolving world and life.»

«Design Thinking-in-Action. 64 Thoughts about Marketing, Design Thinking & Life»  is the sum of articles posted by the author since May 2012 in the blog Design-Thinking-in-Action as a diary of a design thinker and communicator working in a marketing department of an international higher education corporation in Madrid, Spain.

The book is available in Amazon